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Here is a dandy idea

I’ve had somebody bully me and/ say crap about me online for months. I’ve tried really hard to take the high road, but I’m really getting pissed off. To any of my friends or followers who knows the person that used to be called inourlovelydesert or cardboardb0x or beautiful-coincidence or heartofdixxie , please tell them to either stop and/or apologize. Otherwise the gloves come off. PS: when I say used to, that’s what I mean. If anyone is currently using those names now, I apologize for the confusion.

Quote and thought

“The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” 
― John Wooden

I doubt they’ll read this but I hope my former friend does. Whatever they say when they aren’t following me or vice versa is an enormous judgement of character. What is our character right now, I wonder.

Interesting quote I found online pt. 1

“…[Y]oung people these days — a.k.a ‘the Millennials’ — are the most cynical and distrusting generation ever recorded. Only 19 percent think most people can be trusted… Politicians pander to young people, and lots of young people fall for it. And that speaks well of neither… It’s true, Millennials remain more liberal and look more favorably toward big government than other age groups. But people grow up. They may well learn that their cynicism towards marriage and God — time-honored sources of happiness — was misplaced as the single life gets old and they find the one or the One they were waiting for. Similarly, the hot embers of their ardor for big government may cool as they realize the poetry rarely gets translated into prose…”~Jonah Goldberg

A feeling

….something tells me that my former friend is still posting crap about me online. Apparently (their logic) writing crap about someone is okay but someone telling them to stop is not. Also (once again, their logic) swearing and other garbage is okay but liking or reblogging someone’s post is not. For someone insisting on not having me in their life anymore they did a dandy job writing crap online for a while about me. I hope one day they’ll realize what a hypocrite and jerk they’ve been.

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